Your child will audition with many children and will be chosen for his or her talent ONLY. Parts are given to those who fit the role at the discretion of the director/audition committee. No child will ever receive a part for parent participation or because it is his or her “turn”. Every child comes with very different strengths. Casting decisions are always difficult. Unfortunately that is the nature of theatre.


1. You will be notified by a specified date if your child was cast in the show. You will have 24 hours to respond with your decision to accept or decline the offer. If you accept being cast and then quit the show, you will not be considered for another BCCT production for a year. This policy is in place in fairness to the casting process. It is not always possible to fill, or move another child, into your position.


2. Acceptance in this show does not guarantee a part in any future BCCT production. Auditions are a must for everyone for every show. Please understand that the casting decisions are made by a committee, no one individual is responsible.


3. Please understand that your commitment to our production is essential. If other commitments will prevent you from attending our rehearsals, please reconsider auditioning at this time. Your attendance at all rehearsals is necessary. It is up to the discretion of the Board to dismiss a child due to too many rehearsal absences.


4. There is no fee to audition. There is no refund of production fees once rehearsals have begun.


5. Parent participation is required. The quality of our production depends on you. If you are unable to fulfill this requirement, your child is not eligible for the show. choose three committees that interest you such as props, stage crew, refreshments, child care, publicity, etc. You will be assigned to one of those committees. For our summer shows: in addition to a committee, for our summer shows each family will be scheduled for three to five nights of set construction.


6. Cast members must be available for ALL show dates and tech week rehearsals. If you are unable to be there for all dates, please try again next time.


7. Any physical aggression, foul or inappropriate language, smoking, drinking or substance abuse will be grounds for immediate dismissal and the child will no longer be able to audition for shows.



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